Facts and Statistics about Pollution

Pollution taking its toll on the world

Pollution, pollution everywhere!

Pollution as acknowledged by Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, “Pollution is the state or condition that occurs due to the increase in the concentration of a specific substance which in turn cause a drastic change in biological, chemical, and physical properties of the environment which have a negative effect on various forms of life”


Pollution is now at its highest stage!

Apart from the definition adopted from Wikipedia, the fact underlined is, human populace mostly causes pollution due to their ignorance. Pollution after categorizing under the category of disasters has affected over 100 million population, globally!

Who are the polluters? 

No one else but humans.

Why do they pollute?

In the name of growth and because of lack of awareness.


Pollution measures are highly needed!

Outside the ocean, 23% of water bodies are extremely polluted due to the increase in pollution rates. Every single day an amount of 80% of industrial waste littered into the water bodies floats around affecting the marine species. This untreated waste results in water and soil pollution making it unworthy and unfit for any further use.

Fresh water bodies are no more fresh due to pollution

Pollution makes the water bodies unfit for further use

America alone has declared 46% of their lakes to be polluted and unfit for any activities.

Carbon dioxide emission is increasing

China in the lead

China, known for its competition with the US ranks first in carbon dioxide emission followed by the US.

River Ganga is polluted in the name of rituals

Purity at what cost?

River Ganges is now turning into a dump yard as 80% of the waste is flowed into the river in the name of rituals.

Antarctica is free from pollution

Antarctica is out of the pollution zone

Ironically, Antarctica is the cleanest place in the world as there are no human habitats, with anti-pollution laws established to guard it.

Wildlife is affected too due to pollution

Pollution has entered into the wildlife

Rescue wildlife from the clutches of the human population

How were dinosaurs extinct? Not for the comet that hit the surface of the Earth but for the repercussions of its collision. So what affects wildlife? Not humans but the actions and intentions of humans. The wildlife suffers enormously at the hands of humans and by their interference and deeds.

Home of the animals are shattered due to pollution

Wildlife is at stake!

Pollution as stated has killed more than 1 million sea birds and more than 100 million mammals each year.

Amphibians are affected as well affect their predators woth the harmful chemicals on their skin

Frogs have sensitive skin that falls prey to harmful chemicals

Amphibians are born with sensitive skin which helps them absorb oxygen and thus result in absorbing harmful chemicals too.

Falcons were on the verge of being endangered

Falcons were on the edge of being endangered

Pollution also affects the food chain. Amphibians which are the food of their predators often pass the harmful chemicals from them to theirs. A few years back, Falcons were on the edge of dropping into the category of endangered species because of the bioaccumulation through their diet.

Plastic intake by cows is an aftermath of increase in pollution

Plastic intake by cows

Plastic is a huge problem when it comes to animals. The National Geographic Channel projects an account of a billion tons of plastic devoured by almost 200 species around the world. In India, the main consumption of plastic is visible in cows which results in a slow and painful death.

Oceans are littered causing the aquatic species to danger

Aquatic species are in danger due to pollution

Pollution inside the premises of ocean...

The amount of pollution created due to the dumping of garbage in the ocean is around 14 billion. The National Academy of Science, in their 1975 estimated report stated, ocean water was been dumped with 14 billion pounds of garbage. Huge cargo ships and cruise ships tested guilty to create most of the discharge in the ocean belly.

In the name of ocean acidification, the emission of greenhouse gases has a toll on many aquatic species such as corals and oysters.

Excluding the amount of litter dumped on the shores, the Industrial waste and sewage dumped haphazardly into the ocean comprises 220 million tonnes.

Human pollution is killing humans too

An increase in Industries is a major cause of pollution

Human pollution kills humans too…

The creators of pollution suffer too as more than 1 billion people across the globe lack clear worth drinking water. 5000 deaths occur throughout the globe due to the result of drinking polluted water. It’s the waste created by humans that are biting them back in the form of- water, air, soil, and noise pollution.

The recent problem that is sitting on the crown is not only COVID but also air pollution.

The regions that are highly air polluted, face a 20% risk of dying from breathing problems such as lung cancer. Innocent children are prone to 40% of diseases that occur due to pollution while they contribute only 10% of the growing world’s population. A number of more than 3 million children under the age group of five lose their lives due to pollution, among which 70% are results of lung diseases.

Horrendous disasters due to pollution

 “Smog Disaster” that hit London in the year of 1952, snatched 4 thousand lives in a matter of few days due to high range of pollution. Bronchitis and pneumonia were the major causes of death.

The "Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion" shook the world in 1986, when 50 employees died on the spot followed by 4000 cancer deaths that resulted in its aftermath. Facts and Stats about Chernobyl Disaster

 “The Seveso Disaster”, took place at around 12 pm in Milan in 1976. It had a severe effect on the wildlife. Apparently, 3000 animals were dead along with 500 and more people suffering from skin infections.

“Bhopal Gas Tragedy” also known as Bhopal Tragedy. The accidental omission of the deadly chemical, Methyl Isocyanate by a Union Carbide Limited pesticide plant in Madhya Pradesh. The estimated death toll raised above 3000. The report claims of 500,000 people under the exposition of the harmful gas, out of which 50,000 had to go under treatment.

Why are humans not concerned?

Humans are virtually now no longer taught the proper way. There are a number of things taught to us:

  • When walking on the streets you should cover your face in order to protect yourself from pollution.
  • Drink water from water purifiers and not directly from other sources as there are high chances of pollution.
  • Excessive noise? Wear earplugs.

No one teaches us to:

  • Try not to add more to the existing pollution.
  • Don’t throw waste in the water bodies that could contaminate them.
  • Why not use one vehicle by one household? That could reduce smoke as well as noise pollution.

You blame society. Then who are you?

WE are the society!


“What would change if I do it alone?”- Trust me a lot. The cause of pollution is us and it is our duty to reduce it (as we know it’s difficult to wipe it out completely). If these facts and statistics are not your wake-up call then I don’t know what is. We have a long way to go so step ahead and reduce pollution.



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