Facts and statistics about fruits

facts and statistics about fruits

Facts and statistics about fruits are important as they include informational and nutritional value. Fruits are healthy as well as beautiful for they come in all colors of the rainbow. Not only for humans but fruits are essential to animals too.

So without wasting much time let’s get into our nutritional journey of facts and statistics about fruits!


facts and statistics about fruits

Why fruits are important?

The acknowledgment of the importance of fruits installs in the minds of human rights from a small age. Our parents and grandparents stuff our stomachs and brains with so many fruits and their necessities that it’s important to ignore them.

And indeed, they hold nutritional importance.

Fruits are natural gifts that are rich in nutritional values and one cannot ignore the fact they are tasty too!

Fruits are a storehouse of minerals, vitamins, and fibers. All these qualities together make them a source of natural medicines.


facts and statistics about fruits

Benefits of fruits for skin…

These natural medicines do not only help in the healthy functioning of the entire body but they help immensely for the development of skin.

Firstly, it helps to let your skin appear radiant.

Secondly, it helps to let your skin appear young and gives a shine or glow.

Fruits can withhold all these works because fruits consist of anti-oxidants which help the skin in a lot of ways.


fruits versus vegetables

Fruits or vegetables?

Isn’t it fascinating when you suddenly realize that throughout your life what you called a vegetable is actually a fruit? Yes, eggplant is not a vegetable but it’s a fruit.

Botanists actually term eggplant as berries.

Cucumber is also on the list.

Tomatoes are not veggies either. Also, it’s the most famous fruit with a list of genes that is longer than humans.

Also, pumpkins and avocados are fruits too.

Not fruits or veggies as such but apples, peaches, and raspberries belong to the group, the rose family.


unknown facts about fruits

Unknown facts about fruits

There exists a branch of fruit study called, “Pomology”.

The banana that you consumed every night before bed is not a fruit. It’s a herb!

The only fruit that contains seeds outside its pulp is strawberries.

A study by horticulture state that bananas were the 1st fruits on the face of the planet.

Every individual has their own favorite fruit, Orangutans have theirs too! They love consuming mangoes.

Pineapples are the most experimented fruits.

Pineapples are actually berries. The growth of pineapple fastens by turning it upside down that is by placing its leafy side down.

Dried fruits like raisins contain a higher amount of calories than fresh fruits.

Dried fruits contain more calories as the process of drying reduces the water volume.

Studies state that avocados top the list of nutritional fruits.

Fruits like lychee have poisonous seeds. DO NOT EAT THEM!

The skin of the fruit consists of more nutrition than the fruit itself. So, avoid peeling and throwing apple skin as it’s a nutritional mistake. But don’t go eating the skin of oranges and jackfruit that would be a mental mistake!

People have the tendency to consume their medicine with juice in place of water. Well, it might work with mango juice but not with grapefruit juice. It causes immediate overdose and also death!


interesting facts about fruits
Some interesting facts and statistics about fruits

Facts and statistics about fruits are as follows:

Firstly, some known facts suggest that having an apple is more reliable than drinking coffee in order to stay awake.

Secondly, since Banana is an herb and not a fruit, it’s the first consuming diet presented to newborns.

Thirdly, strawberry contains almost 200 seeds!

Fourth, the most loved and accepted fruits in the world are mangoes.

Fifth, have you ever watched apples floating into the water? It is because they contain 25% air.

Sixth, apples themselves have 7000 various kinds. They are grown all around the globe.

Seventh, the natural sugar present in apples is more potent than caffeine. Thus it’s the powerhouse of energy.

Eighth, a single pomegranate has the capacity of holding an amount of 1000 seeds.


colors of fruits

Importance of fruits according to their color...

RED- Maintains the strength of heart.

ORANGE- Maintains the health of the eyes.

PURPLE- Enhances memory

YELLOW- Prevents the chances of getting sick.

BLUE- Enhances memory

GREEN- Makes bones and teeth strong.


Fruits and their importance

Fruits and their importance…

Apple- a good source of vitamin C, highly rich in fiber, improves the strength of bones, and treats asthma.

Banana- highly rich in potassium, a good source of fiber, good for the heart and helps in overcoming depression.

Carrot- good source of vitamin A, good for eyes, it improves vision and prevents cancer.

Date- highly reach source of magnesium, Vitamin B6, Iron, fibers and helps in weight loss, healthy muscles and also, prevents Osteoporosis.

Elderberries- are a good source of Vitamin C, fibers, and Iron and prevent cancer.

Fig- is a source of Vitamin- A, B1, B2, minerals and helps lower blood pressure, reduce hunger and prevent Osteoporosis.

Grapes- is a source of K, Vitamins, and help to prevent cardiovascular diseases with protection from cancer and eye problems too.

Honeydew Melon- is a source of Vitamin- C, K, Ca, and helps to lose weight and looks after the eyes.

Jackfruit- is a source of Vitamin- B, Mg, Mn, K and lowers blood pressure. It also helps fight cancer, asthma, and anemia.

Kiwi- is a source of Vitamin- K, C, Cu, fibers and lowers blood pressure. It promotes heart health and helps in acquiring better sleep.

Lemon- is a source of Vitamin- C, lowers blood pressure, and heart risk, prevents cancer and also helps the immune system.

Mango- is a source of Vitamin- K, A, fibers, reduces heart diseases, prevents cancer, and prevents asthma, and diabetes.

Nectarine- is a source of Vitamin- A, C, Potassium, and fibers. It promotes heart health and the immune system.

Orange- is a source of Vitamin- C, potassium, and fibers. It promotes heart health, and the immune system lowers cholesterol and prevents cancer.

Papaya- sources of Vitamin- C, antioxidants, folate. It heals skin, increases hair health, and digestion, and prevents asthma, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Strawberry- is a source of Vitamin- C, antioxidants, and fiber. Good for pregnant women and maintains blood pressure.

Tomato- a source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber. It controls diabetes, prevents cancer, and is good for the skin.

Wood Apple- a source of Vitamin- C, fiber. Great for digestion, good for kidneys, and purifies the blood.


facts and statistics about fruits


As the facts and statistics about fruits mentioned above, we state that fruits are essential and a must! Fruits contain vitamins, fibers, and minerals which our body does need on a regular basis. So next time someone forces fruits down your throat, have them as it’s nutritious for your body to be healthy.

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