Facts and Stats about Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence is a technology with the potential to transform mankind. It has received a lot of focus and attention from investors in the last couple of years. Innovations and products based on Artificial Intelligence have captured the present market. Multi-National Companies are betting on AI as their customers are fascinated by all of the futuristic AI based product offered by them. Presently the companies are spending a handsome amount of money on those products. Thus the AI-based products are developing at an exponential rate. It is a technology that can make the world a better place. Here are some interesting and fascinating facts about AI and how it is impacting our world.


Artificial Intelligence is a collection of different learnings

We all are fascinated by AI and its products. People always believe that AI is a very sophisticated stream and all the innovations are the result of advance intelligence. Artificial Intelligence encompasses many different types of computer learning. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Deep Inference are all part of AI. In order to make advance products enabled with AI manufacturers need to improve in all the streams of AI. Machine Learning has been the most talked field of AI because it works on algorithms which support human behavior and decision making.

artificial intelligence


AI is everywhere

This may sound very bold but yes we are living in a world which has AI equipped technology everywhere. We may think that in the near future we will be exposed to Artificial Intelligence but it has already begun. Recommendations on Youtube or Netflix, songs you may like on Spotify, Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant are all examples of AI equipped products. Smart Home Solutions like Bixbi or modern means of transportation like uber all of them use AI. It has now pushed boundaries and has entered in our businesses. Many companies use AI for effective and round the clock customer support. It may surprise you but there is a great chance that your insurance company or your bank use AI for premium calculation or customer service.

Smart, Home in AI

We are surrounded by AI


Artificially Intelligent vehicles are ready to hit the road

Autonomous or Artificial Intelligent based vehicles are no longer a thing of the future. The $127 billion autonomous vehicle market is the proof for that. Many automobile manufacturers have spent millions in developing futuristic cars. These vehicles are completely based on AI to access the driving conditions and any obstacle in the path. In order to turn the dream of Driverless cars into reality, automakers have invested in radars to identify any obstacles while driving. Google’s Driverless car and Tesla’s advanced vehicles are an example of it. These cars are already in the testing phase and soon they will hit the road. 

Tesla autonomous car


Amazon uses AI to help you

If you are scanning for a perfect dress or looking for a great deal Artificial Intelligence is there to help you. E-Commerce giant Amazon is using machine learning to help its customers. The customers are recommended products by monitoring their interests and previous orders. It even helps to determine which deal to offer and at what time. Alexa the voice assistant of Amazon use Artificial Intelligence for its functioning. 


Artificial Intelligence depends on Data

AI is as good as the data provided to it. As humans learn from the experience we gather around time, Artificial Intelligence learns from the data we provide to it.AI-enabled systems uses Machine learning, Deep learning, Deep inference to process the knowledge gained by data. AI can not provide you best results until you provide it with the best quality of data. Thus many manufacturers who specialized in AI-based product have improved data quality and management.

Artificial Intelligence data



It is always a red hot topic that what is the future of Artificial Intelligence. Many people believe that soon AI based machines will overtake the world. But in reality, the present AI system can perform certain tasks only. Currently, AI is working under humans and will continue to do so. Present AI equipped machines are designed to work in a single domain, with proficiency at one single task. AI based machines are harmless in its current form. Even if in future it becomes a challenge then by that time we will be advanced enough to control it. The scientific world has never denied the potential threat of AI on humans. This is the reason for laying ground rules in developing AI.

Robot machine


Is AI the JOB Killer?

Most people fear that Artificial Intelligence will take their jobs. We don’t know for now but in the long run yes it will take present jobs. Jobs at present will get eliminated due to automation. But AI will also create jobs at the same time. The jobs eliminated and created will depend upon the industry and the level of its automation. But there are industries which will have least or no effect of AI. We can hope that equilibrium is achieved in eliminating and creating jobs elsewhere for a better future.


Automation will Eliminate Jobs


Its high time to start with Artificial Intelligence

If you are thinking that your business or organization can survive without the effect of AI you are completely wrong. Many organization and businesses have already started working on adopting future technology. It is not an easy task to switch directly on AI and its practices. But it is very necessary to show the intent of doing so. Organizations have already started to build a business case. Present corporations are heavily investing in building Dataset and maintaining and protecting data. Some of them are a step ahead and are training their employees on Machine Learning. There is also a possibility that your organization lacks people for such a technical job. Remember there is a lot of algorithmic and coding related work so you may need experienced players from these fields to help you out. So it’s a high time to start now or risk your organization to be left years behind your competitors.

Artificial Intelligence

Its high time to invest in AI


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