Facts and statistics about Aeroplanes

facts and statistics about aeroplanes

Facts and statistics about aeroplanes are wide and interesting. Aeroplanes are inventions that not only help us to reach our destinations but also makes us live the moment of taking a flight.

facts and statistics about aeroplanes

The distinction between aeroplane and airplane

Ever got confused between aeroplane and airplane?

Don’t need to trouble your brain a lot. Aeroplane and airoplane may be different words but they perform the same function.

Preferably, Americans and Canadians use aeroplanes while the rest of the folks use airoplanes!

It simply depends on the region…

Also, the aeroplane strictly covers objects with fixed wings. For example, helicopters are not included in this term. This is because helicopters have rotating wings.

facts and statistics about aeroplanes

Let’s talk about aircraft...

Aircraft is a term that covers a number of machines and even objects which fly.

The AIRCRAFT category include kites, hot air balloons, helicopters, and also aeroplanes include in.

invention by Wright Brothers

Who invented aeroplanes?

According to facts and statistics about aeroplanes, the Wright brothers invented them.

However, this fact is controversial.

According to some reports from India, a new yet similar face has come into the picture. Reports state that Shivkar Bapuji Talpade is the one who invented the aeroplanes.

The reports state that Shivkar Bapuji Talpade built an aeroplane 8 years before the Wright Brothers. Which is way back in 1895.

Several versions have paved their way in this controversy. Some scholars believe that Shivkar Bapuji Talpade did fly it which stayed in the air over 1,500 feet but he did not invent it.

Some others state that he did invent it but was not fated with the required exposure.

So the controversy continues…

facts and statistics about aeroplanes

Are aeroplanes safe?

Indeed aeroplanes are safe!

According to the reports of 2018, 4.3 billion passengers had a safe journey without any consequences.

Almost 46 million flights had a safe landing.

The accident rate including the minor ones is at the rate of 0.28.

facts and statistics baout aeroplanes

How high can aeroplanes fly?

Commercial aeroplanes can take a flight of about 40,000 to 45,000 feet.

aeroplanes used in World War I

Aeroplanes used in World War I…

The most famous one is the Bristol Type 22.


Fokker Eindecker

Gotha G V

Sopwith Camel, etc.

indoors of an aeroplane

Facts to know before you board an aeroplane

From so many facts and statistics about aeroplanes that we gathered, here are a few to consider-

Firstly, one should never flush while sitting on an aeroplane toilet.

This is because aeroplane toilets are vacuum ones. With a design to use water at a very less rate.

The suction from the vacuum pulls the waste into holding tanks that remain in there till the plane lands.

If you flush while sitting on the toilet seat the suction will create pressure causing you to be stuck to the seat.

That is the main reason why aeroplane toilet seats have the signs which read ‘DO NOT FLUSH WHILE SITTING’.

If you still do that then be ready for an embarrassing situation overhead!


Secondly, never attend a flight if you’re suffering from cold or flue

Cold can damage your eardrums.

This fact basis on the reports of passengers’ experience. Many passengers have reported discomfort with the ear when the altitude in the plane changes.

Nonetheless, prevention is possible.

Passengers often chew gum, swallow a little harder, or force their ears close if they do suffer.


Thirdly, aeroplanes have the tendency to fly for a while with a single working machine

Twin-engine aeroplanes can fly for a very long time with just one performing engine.

The aeroplane can take off, fly, and land with a single-engine.

So no need to freak out if one engine goes off, trust your pilot.


Fourth, the cockpit has an escape hatch

However, if you’re not a pilot but a passenger you’re more on the safer side.

The passengers have a number of emergency exits in case of an emergency. On the other hand, pilots have only one and that rests right above the cockpit.

But never try to use this escape if you’re a passenger. You might not even reach there before the time slips off!

So be on the safer side and use the passenger escapes.


Fifth, locking the door to the aeroplane bathroom does not mean you have your privacy…

To summarise the statement in a nutshell, the doors open from the outside. Even when you lock them from inside!

It is because of the panel on the door which says ‘LAVATORY’ that opens them from outside.

The lavatory is a safety function mechanism designed for pilots.

If there’s an emergency, the pilots can use this safety function. Which on the contrary might risk your safety!

Facts and statistics about aeroplanes

Major aeroplane crashes!

GOL Aereos Flight 1907

Crashed on September 29th 2006.

This Boeing broke up after it collided with a business jet.

The crash took away the lives of 154 passengers leaving no survivors.

Air France Flight 447

Crashed on June 1st 2009.

This mysterious flight disappeared from the radar all of a sudden. The flight remnants were then found floating in the Atlantic Ocean nearly 2 years later.

The crash killed 228 passengers on board.

Dana Air Flight 992

Crashed on June 3rd 2012.

It crashed into a building in Lagos due to dual engine failure.

It killed 153 of its passengers.

Malaysian Air Flight MH-370

Crashed on March 8th 2014.

This flight is more mysterious than Air France Flight 447 as it still remains a mystery. After losing its control there seem no traces of it till now.

The plane had 239 passengers on board.

Other crashes include-

Emery Worldwide Flight 17- Due to loss of control.

AirAsia Flight QZ8501- Broken soldering of a flight control computer.

China Airlines Flight 611- Explosion.

Lion Air Flight 610- Due to technical failure.

Nationair Flight 2121- Catches fire mid-flight.

facts and statistics about aeroplanes


Ever seen a bird flying easily in the wide sky? Ever got a thought of flying? Like the bird does? We all do!

Flying abilities are lacking in the human species but with the help of aeroplanes, we could enjoy the feeling. The facts and statistics about aeroplanes in the article make you realise that indeed aeroplanes are great inventions!

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