7 reasons why digital marketing is the best method of advertisement

DIGITAL MARKETING sounds very technical, but though it sounds very technical, its way easy to implement and very effective also in today’s world. So what is DIGITAL MARKETING? In simple words, DIGITAL MARKETING is a marketing strategy which uses the same traditional business and marketing strategy, with the only difference is in the platform, which means it uses online platform. Why online platform? Nowadays online platform is the best medium of promoting your business, almost each and every person in the world is using the Internet, so you can gain more customers online also that too from various parts of the world.





There is no rocket science involved in it, once you learned the basics of digital marketing from there only you can start promoting online and the more you involve in the practical implementation the more will be your knowledge.

So how to do it?  let’s go through the most basic steps involved in it –

  • Make your own website– yes you can make your own website and publish it online. Various domain name provider like GoDaddy, Bigrock provide domains, choose any suitable domain for your company and buy it. And then comes the most important part which is hosting, there are a number of hosting providers online, choose the one which provides the best hosting service, and then edit your Site as per your content through various available CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc, But as a beginner I will recommend to go for WORDPRESS.


  • Be active on social media – After you have set up your online business website now its time to gain traffic and social media provides good and quality amount of traffic. Build your business page in social media and constantly keep updating it with your latest products and try to be more interactive with customers by solving their queries online only. 



  • E-mail marketing campaign – e-mail marketing means informing your active customers about your new strategy or plan through sending them a regular email like about offers or sale etc and never let your customers lose faith in you. Email marketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to get in touch with your loyal customers. one of the most famous email-marketing tool is MailChimp.
  • Campaign- Make campaigns online or offline, get into events make yourself noticed in the market, sponsor an event to provide sale or offers, increase your presence online as well as offline so that it will improve your SEO too.




  • Advertisement- Make online ads, banners, posters and spread it through GOOGLE ADWORDS.



Online marketing has a very wide approach, anyone using internet can see your ads from all over the world, that’s what the power of digital marketing, you don’t need to stick posters or banners all over the world, internet is there for you, just make a single ad, invest some money and the whole world will see it, you will have customers from all over the world.


internet users

image source-

The following image is taken from https://www.healthventures.info/realtime-internet-usage-statistics/  this clearly shows the rise of internet usage worldwide over the years.





There are various software available through which you can keep the track of your customers and this concept is called as BIG DATA. In online marketing you can manage your customers easily, you will have full information about you your customers, like his name, age, sex, phone no., etc but that’s not the end, you will have each and every detail of customer like from which country he is, what’s his interest, his occupation, his language, his browsing habit, his online activeness, the amount of time he spent in internet, etc means every minute detail about your customers is with you, so according to that you can target specific customers that how to treat them. Isn’t it amazing…



In digital marketing, you have the power to decide and choose your audience, like in which place should your product should sell. Yes whenever you post your ADS online you can always decide where to put you ADS, at which specific area should your ADS get posted, for example, if you want to show your ADS only in MUMBAI and DELHI region, you can choose only those area, and your ADS will be visible in only those areas,  such type of strategy ensure the avoidance of useless customers.




DIGITAL MARKETING is not that expensive as compared to traditional marketing, but only if you plan your way of doing it online, the right way and the right plan will definitely give you best results. For comparison, it will take you 10 to 20 lakh to print a full-page photo in national NEWSPAPER whereas it will take some 300 to 900 Rs to print your own ADS in GOOGLE ADWORDS. That makes a huge difference.



In today’s world where a lot of interaction of people about the products on social media platform even if we don’t know that person personally we do pass comment. So now what normally happens whenever we go to any E-commerce site like Amazon or Flipkart to buy something, we first see the review and if the reviews are good we buy it, so that’s called a customer to customer approach. We don’t need to call our friends to know about how the product is, so this system makes your work more simple yet more responsible if people talking good about you your product sale will automatically go higher and vice versa.





You don’t have to wait weeks to boost your business like you would have to wait for a fax or form to be returned.  You can see the numbers of visitors to your site and its subscribers increase, peak trading times, conversion rates and much more at one click, in google analytics you can track real-time results also such as how many people are currently active on your site in etc, thus makes your work much easier.


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