Facts and Stats about Ayurveda

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Why the name Ayurveda?

It is ancient health science. The word is derived from a combination of two Sanskrit words. Here the term ‘Ayur’ means Life and the term ‘Veda’ means Knowledge. Thus Ayurveda is popularly known as “Science of Life”. This science was drafted in ancient Indian Vedas centuries ago. Indian society is using it for a long time. The lifestyle of people living in the Indian subcontinent is influenced by its principle. 

facts and stats about Ayurveda



Ayurveda treats your Body 

In this ancient Science of Life, it is believed that your body must be treated in all form of the disease. Here your body plays a central part in treatment. In Ayurveda, it is believed that disease is only possible because of Disharmony. This is an imbalance between Mind, Body, and Soul. Thus your Body, its Organs and your Mental Health all are treated under this Science. We can say that Ayurveda was actually ahead of most modern treatment centuries ago. It took hundreds of years of research for the western world to come to the conclusion already drafted by Indian science. The fact is this ancient science always focuses on and treat the root problem. It is not limited to cure just the effected Organ. The main focus is to cure an individual completely and make sure the disease never return again.

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Principles are Basic but most Effective

This ancient science follows and works on basic principles. It is based on the principle that Body is made up of 5 different elements. These five elements are Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Space. When each of these elements works together with each other a person remains healthy. Each and every person has these five elements. But their proportion differs from person to person. This difference results in the formation of three types of individuals. The Vata, Pitta, Kapha doshas are defined in Ayurveda. It has defined their medical history along with common problems. Thus it is believed if an individual follows the principle mentioned, he will live a disease-free life.

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Ayurveda is not Magic!

People have so many myths and beliefs about Ayurveda which is not true. It is not a magic spell which will cure you instantly. Nor it will take a lifetime to cure you. Many people believe that it is all about home remedies. If home remedies could cure all diseases then why do we have doctors. Home remedies are surely helpful to treat small problems. But, if you think you can cure yourself entirely with it you are wrong. This ancient science has a lot of stages in which it cures people. It also acts according to the seriousness of the disease. If a person is suffering from constipation, the medicine will not take months for giving results. It will act accordingly and will cure the person.

Another myth associated with this ancient science is that they can be taken directly. People forget the basic principle of Ayurveda that it treats your body. Thus each and every person has a different Body and Lifestyle. The medicine prescribed for one person is not common for all. Thus the first step is to consult the doctor before taking any medicine. As it is related to herbs, people also believe that it does not have side effects. This is a completely wrong fact. Each and everything if consumed in the wrong amount has its side effects. Thus Ayurvedic medicine also has its side effects. 

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It uses eight factors for Diagnosis

Ayurvedic Doctor also performs different tests to understand your illness. If you believe that you will be provided the same set of medicines you are totally wrong. In Ayurveda, there are a total number of eight factors which contribute to the health of an individual. In order to stay healthy each of these factors must work properly. This is in fact known as ‘Ashtavidha Rogi Pareeksha’. It means eight ways to examine a diseased person. The eight factors are Naadi (Pulse), Mutra (Urine), Mala (stool), Shabda (voice), Jiva(tongue), Sparsha (skin), Drik (Eyes) and Aakriti (body build). After examining them doctor can understand the type of disease. Thus this basic but effective diagnosis helps to understand the cause of illness.

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It is not only Herbs

When a person says Ayurvedic treatment the first thing in our mind is herbs. Yes, herbs play an important role in this ancient science. But, herbs are just a part of it. This science is much more complex and interesting to be limited to only herbs. It also involves other substance like Honey, ghee and rock salt. Various types of oils, minerals, molasses, and ashes are also used. Basically, these compounds are carriers of the required medicine. They help to enhance and prioritize the effect of the medicine. Thus Ayurveda is much more than just herbs. 

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Environment affects your Health 

The environment in which you live has a direct relation with your health. It is the Basic principle of Ayurveda. It took the modern world to realize the above fact so long which is already mentioned centuries ago. Now you ask any doctor he or she will confirm this fact. But, the irony is that we were not confident in our own ancient science. Your Diet, your Hygiene, your living environment all accounts for your health. Even the colors you are attracted to and the type of music you listen can determine your health. These all are mentioned in Indian Ancient science. The mental wellbeing or mental health which is the most concerned topic today is already present in Ayurveda. Thus in order to stay healthy, it is very necessary to stay in a healthy environment. 

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