Facts and Stats about legendary “Bruce Lee”

The legacy of the greatest Martial Artist ‘Bruce Lee’ has spanned for decades. He was not only a Martial Artist or a Hollywood actor. He was a real Superman of his time. The style of his fighting and the lightning-quick action made him the best. Bruce Lee changed the entire perception of Martial Arts. With his efforts today Martial Art has a large number of disciples. He was filled with energy and passion towards this art. He pushed his body to new levels of fitness and balance. As a result, he became the living legend. His movies are also responsible to mark a new beginning in Hollywood. He became the first International Superstar from China. Here are some interesting Facts and Stats about his life. 



The Story of name Bruce Lee

The name which today needs no introduction was a result of an accident. Bruce was born on November 27, 1940, in San Francisco. His birth year has a special meaning in Chinese Zodiac. The birth year symbolizes with Year of Dragon. It is believed in Chinese Tradition that children born in this year are special and poses powers. As a result, he was given a Girls name to protect him from Sprits. Sai Fon or Small Phoneix was his initial name. After some time his mother renamed him to Jun Fan. Its meaning is Return Again as his mother believed that he will return to his birthplace. The name Bruce was given to him by his doctor. He used to visit a supervising doctor for treatment. The doctor gave him the name ‘Bruce’ and kept his family name. As a result, the child became Bruce Lee.

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He was a Street Fighter!

The origin of Bruce Lee as a legend is full of ups and downs. He grew up in the streets of Hong Kong. In the 1950s Hong Kong was full of Homeless people trying to run from the Chinese Government. The overpopulation resulted in an exponential increase in crime. The streets were flooded with numerous gangs. Bruce was also a partner of a gang known as The Tigers of Junction Street. As a result, he was exposed to street fighting at a very young age. As a matter of fact, his gang used to get beaten up regularly. At the age of 13 years, he was thrashed by members of other gangs. This fight inspired him to learn Martial Arts. His master was legendary fighter Yip Man. He became a fearless and powerful teenager. His parents decided to send him to America to stop his fighting.   

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Bruce Lee was a well-trained Dancer

Bruce Lee is the brand ambassador of Martial Art. But in reality, he was more than a fighter. He was a full trained Cha-Cha dancer. The journey of dancing in Bruce life started as a hobby. He started to dance in order to impress the girls. But soon he realized that dancing was improving his foot moment. As a result, he started practicing it seriously. He used to carry a book with more than 100 dance moves in it. As a passionate learner, he mastered them all. Soon he became excellent in Cha Cha dancing. At the age of 18 years, he participated in a competition. As a matter of fact, he became the Cha-Cha Champion of Hong Kong.

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He miraculously recovered from a deadly injury

Bruce Lee was one of the most advanced Martial Artist. His normal routine of training was jaw-dropping. Though he used to perform every move with perfectionism and professionalism. He was aware of his speed and danger with every move. But one morning he escaped the normal warming up. He decided to do the “good morning” exercise directly. The “Good Morning” exercise consists of lifting about 45 kilograms on his shoulders. After that one has to bend until he is parallel with the ground. As a result, he was admitted to the hospital. Bruce had injured his fourth sacral nerve in his spine. The doctor advised him to quit Martial Arts and told him he is lucky enough to survive. But he trained by himself for six months. As a result, he was stronger and powerful than before. It is a fact that he escaped from a life-threatening injury.

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Bruce Lee was very fast

He is considered to be one of the fastest Martial Artist in the world. His excessive practice and passion made him the best. He can punch faster than our eyes could see. As a matter of fact, he was even faster than recording cameras. To prove this fact here is one such instance. Lee was cast in Hollywood movie “The Green Hornet”. He was playing the role of Kato in this 1966 movie. When they started filming cameraman soon figured out this fact. Bruce Lee’s movement was so fast that even cameras could not capture it. Today’s technology of slow-motion can definitely not be compared with the 1960s. He was too fast to play on screen. Even his co-actors were surprised with his ability. As a result, the director had to ask Lee to slow down.

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Bruce Lee was a Man of Many Talents

He was definitely a high-class Martial Artist. When he married Linda Emery in 1964 it was interracial marriage. Back in those days, it wasn’t even legal. Thus it is a fact that their marriage became legal years after the Supreme court ruling. But he was just not limited to fight. He completed his major in philosophy from the University of Washington. Bruce Lee was also a wonderful poet and artist. Lee mastered in Biomechanics, Nutritional Science, Philosophy, etc. As a result, his form of Martial Art is very different and effective in nature. He even used the principle of Boxing and Fencing in developing his own style. It is a fact that he developed this form by improvising. His art known as Jeet Kuno Do or “way of intercepting fist”. He developed this form in 1967.

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Bruce Lee’s name on Walk of Fame



His Death was very suspicious

Bruce Lee was one of the most popular superstars. His sudden death shocked the whole world. There were many conspiracies regarding his death. Cerebral Edema is considered to be the cause of his death. As a result, of his life-threatening injury. Bruce was always in severe pain. Thus he used to take a large dose of painkillers. Officially the allergic reaction from those painkillers killed him. But, the new Biography suggests that he died from a heart stroke. Thus his death still remains an unsolved mystery.  Actress Betty Ting Pei was the last person to saw him alive. It is believed that Lee was having an affair with her. 

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Bruce Lee’s statue in Hong Kong




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