Facts and Stats about Snakes and Lizards

How many kinds of lizards are there?



There are probably over 3000 species of lizard. These belong to different groups, such as the geckos, iguanas, skinks, and chameleons. Lizards live on all the continents except Antarctica.


How and why a Chameleon changes its colour?




Changing colour helps the chameleon get near to its prey without being seen and allows it to hide from its own enemies. The colour changes are controlled by the chameleon’s nervous system. Nerves cause areas of colour in the skin to be spread out or to become concentrated in tiny dots. Chameleons are said to go darker in colour when they are cold and lighter when they are hot.


Where do chameleons live?

There are about 85 different sorts of chameleon and most of these live in Africa and Madagascar. There are a few Asian species and one kind of chameleon lives in parts of southern Europe.


Are all snakes poisonous ?

Only about a third of all snakes are poisonous and fewer still have poison strong enough to harm humans. Non-poisonous snakes either crush their prey to death or simply swallow it whole.

How fast do snakes move?

The fastest-moving snake on land is thought to be the black mamba, which live is Africa . It can wriggle along at up to 11km/hr.


Which is the largest Lizard?


Komodo Dragon

The Komodo dragon, which lives on some Southeast Asian Islands. It grows up to 3m long and hunts animals such as wild pigs and small deer.


How many kinds of Snake are there?

There are over 2500 species of snake. They live on all continents except Antartica, but there are no snakes in Ireland, Iceland, or NewZealand. All snakes are carnivorous, which means that they feed on other animals.


Why the name rattlesnake?




Rattlesnakes make their rattling noise to warn their enemies to stay well away. The rattle is made by a number of hard rings of skin at the end of its tail that make a noise when shaken. Each ring was once the tip of the tail. A new one is added every time the snake grows and shed its skin.

Are there any poisonous Lizards?

There are only two poisonous lizards in the world, the Gila monster and the Mexican beaded lizard. Both of these live in southwestern North America. The poison is made in glands in the lower jaw. When the lizard seizes a prey and starts to chew, the poison flows into the wound and the victim soon stops struggling.


Which is the most dangerous Snake?




The saw-scaled carpet viper is probably the world’s most dangerous snake. It is extremely aggressive and its poison can kill humans. Saw-scaled carpet vipers live in Africa and Asia.


Do snakes have ears?

Snakes do not have any external ear or eardrums, they sense it through their skins, muscles and bones which carry vibrations to their inner bones.


Which is the biggest snake in the world?



Reticulated Python

The world’s longest snake is the reticulated python, which lives in the parts of Southeast Asia. It grows to an amazing 10 meter long.

The anaconda, which lives in South American rainforests, is heavier than the python but quite as long. Pythons and anacondas are not poisonous snakes. They kill their prey by crushing them to death. A python wraps the victim in the powerful coils of its body until it is suffocated.

The python can coil its strong body around its prey and crush it to death. Its jaws open so wide that it can swallow prey larger than itself.


Why do snakes shed their skin?

Snakes shed their skin or moult to allow for growth and because their skin gets worn and damages due to crawling. Some snakes, even as adults, shed their skin every 20 days.


Are there any snakes in the sea?

Yes, there are about 50 to 60 different species of snake that spend their whole in the sea. Most are completely helpless a land. They eat fish and other sea creatures, such as shrimp, and all are extremely poisonous. One species, the beaked sea snake is poisonously lethal.



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