Facts and Stats about Roads, Trains and Transport

When did the first trains run?


Horse-drawn railway wagons had been used to haul coal, ore, and stone from mines and quarries since the 16th century, but the first passenger railway was opened by George Stephenson in the north of  England in1825. Its locomotives were powered by steam. People rode standing in open carriages.


When were the first roads built?



Roads are in existence since 4000 BC, street paving has been found from the first human settlements in the cities of Indus valley civilization on the Indian sub-continent such as Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilization.


Which is the most Expensive train in the world?



India’s Maharaja Express is the most expensive train in the world which charges 2,33,108 Indian Rupees( $3385 ) and above per night. Maharaja express travels across Northwest and Central India covering major cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai, Agra etc. Maharaja express has also won WTA world’s leading luxury train awards two times in a row in the year 2012 and 2013. The train is accompanied with full luxurious facilities like a seven-star hotel, giving you a feeling of Maharaja.


Which is the world’s longest road?

The Pan-American Highway. It starts at the top of the world, in the chilly American state of Alaska. It then heads on through Canada and the USA to the streamy forests of Central America. There is still a bit missing in the middle, but the road starts up again and carries on all the way down through South America to Chile, looping round to Argentina and Brazil. The total distance ? well over 48000km !.

Where was a hot air balloon first flown?

The place was Paris, the capital of France, and the year was 1783. The passengers were, believe it or not, a sheep , a cock and a duck ! later people tried out the balloon for themselves.


Where is the world’s biggest airport?



King Khalid International Airport or Riyadh Airport in Saudi Arabia is probably bigger than some countries, other countries airport has no any comparisons with Riyadh Airport in terms of its size. It covers many miles of Arabian desert.


Where is the world’s most overcrowded train?



In India Trains are the most important and widely used traveling medium, the reason being its frequency and affordability, and also India houses some of the most complexed railway tracks in the world.


Where are boats used as busses?



In the beautiful Italian city Venice, the reason being there are canals instead of roads. People travel from one part to the other part of the city by boat. Venice is also one of the most beautiful city in the world.



What is a Junk?

It is a big wooden ship, traditionally built in China. Its big sails are strengthened by strips of bamboo. Junks aren’t as common as they used to be, but they can still be seen on South China coast.

Did You Know?


India houses one of the largest, complexed and busiest railroad systems in the world. It has more than 115,000km of track, which could take the round of the Earth almost three times.


The train used in the Harry Potter Movies "The Hogwarts Express train" is actually a train which is still in use, runs in Scotland.


Japanese trains are the most punctual and disciplined trains in the world, a delay of over five minutes results in issuing an apology and a delay certificate for all passengers.

How long does it take to cross Russia?

It depends on how we travel. The famous Trans-Siberian Railways took eight days from Moscow to the Pacific coast.


Which is the fastest commercially used train in the world?



Shanghai maglev is currently the fastest train in the world with a top speed of 431 km/hr. Shanghai maglev train uses magnetic levitation technology which uses magnetic force no wheels and as a result, it reduces rolling friction produced by wheels and just floats on track with strong magnetic force.


Which is the tallest bridge in the world?



Millau Viaduct a cable-stayed bridge in France is the highest bridge in the world standing 343 meters above the base of the structure which makes it 19 meters taller than Eiffel Tower


Where runs the longest trucks?



In the outback, the dusty back country of Australia, the roads are long and straight and pretty empty. Trucks can hitch on three or four giant trailers to form a road train.


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