Facts and Stats about Human Brain

The Human Brain is the command center and the most important part of our body. We breathe, think, remember, reason and learn all with the help of Brain. Thus the importance of Brain cannot be denied in the human body yet it takes only a fraction of space. It receives a signal from the sensory organs of our body and transmits it to our muscles. It serves as the central control of our Nervous System. But, strangely, there is so much to know about our most important organ. An average person does not know many interesting facts about Human Brain. Here are some of the very interesting facts about the most useful organ.


Your Brain needs a lot of Blood 

An average human being daily routine is filled with a combination of Physical and Mental work. It surely requires a lot of energy. But the organ which consumes most of the blood is your Brain. An average brain accounts for about 3 percent of your body weight. Weighing only 3% it receives about 30 percent of the blood being pumped by your heart. This blood is used to support it for proper functioning. Thus it shows the amount of attention and support it requires than other organs in your body. The Brain is the most demanding organ in our body, but yet it makes up for all of it by providing us the proper control of our body.

Facts and Stats about brian



We use Maximum portion of our Brain

Do you also believe that Humans are not able to harness the complete power of their Brain? Or Humans only use a tiny part of their most important organ. And the rest of the part is just laying there unused waiting for someone Worthy to unlock it. We would say this is all just the misconception probably by Hollywood. Blockbusters like Lucy and Limitless have portrayed the ability after a Worthy human unlocks the superpower of their Brain. But it is far from reality. In the real world where there are no superhumans, we would say everyone uses their beloved organ efficiently. Your organ is constantly working every time and using every part of it for different activities. We use it to sense, process, move, learn, think, respond and even in a dream. Thus don’t worry you use the most of your vital organ than you can imagine.

Brain Functions facts-stats

We use Brain for many functions.


Does Adult Brain stop making Neurons?

It is the topic of every discussion that as you grow old your Brain stops making Neurons for you. People have always believed that once you aged your Neurons will not be as useful and productive as they were when you were young. It is partially true. Sure age does affect your productivity with organs but it still produces new Neurons. Neurons are developed in the process called Neurogenesis. Research has shown adult Brain can still generate new Neurons. These Neurons help us to learn, memorize and respond. Human has to live a healthy life followed by a healthy diet so as to boost your neurons generation for a longer time.

Nerve Cell, Neuron facts-stats

The Neuron of a Human Brain


Brain develops faster during Childhood

Children’s grows up very fast but as a matter of fact, their Brain grows even faster. In order to grow completely, it requires a lot of energy. Children’s who are still in developing phase learn, process and develops all together at a very fast pace. In preschool when the Brain development is faster the physical growth is slower. Half of the child’s energy goes to fuel is his most important and demanding organ. The slow physical growth also accounts for saving more energy to develop this organ. As the child attains puberty, the physical growth is more and mental growth is slower.

 Learning facts-stats 


Healthy Brain needs Exercise

As it is the most important and vital organ of your body you do want to keep it healthy. A healthy Brain requires exercise as much as a healthy body. If you take healthy diet and exercise regularly your command center will be fine. In order to maximize energy in your Daily routine and to live a productive life, it is important to fuel your Brain. The mental stimulation that comes with exercise increases human productivity. Exercise also results in a healthy Cardiovascular System and thus more Blood to the command center.

Mental Health facts-stats


Love is clearly visible in Brain

When a person falls in love it sure is a magical feeling. Your command center also recognizes your feelings and reflects it back in a unique way. A person scans light up when he/she is in love. For a romantic relation, functional MRI scans show the activity of high Dopamine concentration. This Dopamine is the “feel good” or being “in love” neurotransmitter. Other areas sensitive to love, care, pleasure shows a significant rise in activities for people who have fallen in love.

Brain, Head, Psychology, Closed Mind, Concentration


Your Brain has Maximum Number of Cells

An average Brain of an individual has a large number of cells than any tissues in the body. It is unlike other organs where the cells are of similar types. The command center has a variety of interconnected, complex cells. It is estimated to be composed of about a 100 billion Neurons. It also poses a trillion glial cells. Each Neuron is connected to about 40,000 synapses on an average. Thus it makes our command center the most complex and interesting organ in our body. 

Neurons, Brain Cells

Brain Cells


It has Unlimited Storage Capacity

Have you ever heard a person complaining that they cannot store more than a particular amount of memory? Probably not. This is because we can store as much as information as we want in our Brain. It will never run out of storage like our Smart Phones or Computers. Their is endless power of storage in our command center. Though you may get fed up by learning easily your command center is always ready. All it needs is a healthy diet and a sound sleep. Lack of sleep has an adverse effect on your memory and storage capacity. 

Intelligence is unlimited in Brain


Short term Memory is only for Half-Minute

Has it happened to you that you have to say something and someone distracted you, and then you completely forget what you were about to say? This short distraction deviates your Brain and thus it results in loss of memory. Your command center has the capacity to hold a small amount of information in an active mind. This memory is available as a cache in computer i.e for easy access. It is only available for a brief period of Half a Minute. We can remember recalling numbers for about 7.3 seconds and 9.3 seconds for recalling words.

Facts ans Stats about Brain

Short Memory is available for only Half Minute




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