Facts and Statistics about Fish

How many fish species are there?

There are approximately 28,000 different kinds of fish in the world today.

Scientists have successfully landed spacecraft on Saturn's moon "Titan", photographed a black hole, sent spacecraft beyond the solar system, Yet, one of the least explored places is our own oceans. More than 80% of the ocean remains unexplored, they believe millions of new kinds of animals and fish are down there, waiting to be discovered.

Fish were the first vertebrates with bony skeletons to appear on Earth. Unlike today’s fish, early fish had no scales, fins, or jawbone, but they did have a dorsal fin


Which is the biggest fish in the world?

The biggest fish in the world is the Rhincodon typus also called "whale shark" is the largest species of any fish, it can reach up to 40 feet in length

Which is the biggest Marine animal?


The blue whale is the largest marine animal. The blue whale is not a fish, it is a mammal which also makes it the largest mammal that has ever lived. It measures more than 30m long and weighs at least 90 tonnes. The biggest blue whales may weigh more than twice this amount. Although it is so huge, the blue whale is not a fierce hunter. It eats tiny shrimp-like creatures called krill. It may gobble up as many as four million of these in a day.

How big is a baby blue whale?

A baby blue whale is about 8m long at birth and it is the biggest baby in the animal kingdom. It weighs about 3 tonnes.


Which is the world's smallest fish?

The smallest fish is the tiny goby, which lives in the Philippines. It rarely grows longer than half an inch at adulthood, yet is so abundant it supports a fishery.


How big is a great white shark?


Great white sharks are mostly about 7m long, but some can grow up to 12m. They live in warm seas all over the world. Great white sharks are fierce hunters and attack large fish and other creatures such as sea lions and porpoises. Their main weapons are their large, jagged-edged teeth, which they use to kill prey and to tear it apart. Behind these teeth are rows of new ones, ready to replace at the front that gets damaged or broken. Some shark’s teeth may be up to 7.5cm long.

Did You Know?


Catfish have over 27,000 taste buds whereas humans have around 7,000. In fact, fishes have tastebuds all over their body and can taste without even opening their mouth.


Are All sharks killer?

No, two of the largest sharks, the whale shark, and the basking shark, eat only tiny shrimp-like creatures. They filter these from the water through sieve-like structures in the mouth


Do whales ever come to land?

No, although whales are mammals they spend their whole lives in the sea. But they do breathe air and have to come to the surface regularly to take breath


Is Dolphin a kind of whale?

A dolphin is a small whale. Most of the 32 or so species of dolphin live in the sea, but there are five species that live in rivers. The biggest dolphin is the killer whale, or orca, which grows up to 9.8 m long

Which is the fastest swimming fish?



The sailfish is one of the fastest swimming fish in the world. It can move at speed of more than 110km/h. Marlins and tunas are also fast swimmers. All these fast-swimming fishes have sleek, streamlined bodies.

Which is the Slowest swimming fish?


The Seahosre is the slowest-moving fish in the world. A person can barely tell that it is moving. The Dwarf Seahorse is the slowest, with a top speed of about 1.5 m (5 ft) per hour.

How many kinds of sharks are there?

There are well over 300 different species of shark living all over the world. They range in size from dwarf dogfish measuring only 20 cm to the giant whale shark, which can grow 15m.

Did You Know?


Sharks are the only fish that have eyelids. But they rarely blink it, they close their eyelids to protect their eyes from any damage while attacking

How fast do whales swim?

Blue whales normally swim at about 8km/h but can move at speeds of up to 30km/h when disturbed. Some small whales, such as pilot whales and dolphins, may swim at more than 50km/h.


Are electric eels really electric?

Yes, they are. The electric eel’s body contains special muscles that can release electrical charges into the water. These are powerful enough to stun their prey.


Which is the fiercest Freshwater fish?


The Piranha, which lives in rivers in tropical South America, is the fiercest of all freshwater fish. Each fish is only about 25 to 60cm long, but a shoal of hundred attacking together can kill and eat a large mammal very quickly. The Piranha’s weapons are its extremely sharp triangular-shaped teeth, which it uses to chop flesh from its victim. But not all piranhas are dangerous killers. Some species feed only on plants.

Does a stingray sting?


Yes, it does. A stingray gets its name from the sharp spine near the base of its tail. The stingray lives in warm shallow waters, where its spine can cause a nasty wound if stepped on. Stingrays most often sting people in their feet, ankles, and legs.


Does a flying fish really Fly?

A flying fish usually lifts itself above the water to escape from danger. It has extra-large fins, which acts as wings. After building up speed under the water, the fish lifts its fins and glides above the surface for a short distance.

Are there any poisonous fish?


Puffer Fish

Yes, there are - and the Puffer fish is one of the most poisonous of all. It has a powerful poison in some of its internal organs, such as the liver, which can kill a human. Despite this, Puffer fish is a delicacy in Japan, where chefs are specially trained to remove the poisonous parts and prepare the fish.
The Stonefish is also one the most poisonous. Its sting can lead to paralysis, shock, and even death if not treated within few hours.


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