Facts and Statistics about the Vikings


Who were the raiders from the sea?   Vikings from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden! Warriors who terrorized the people of Europe. The Vikings made raids from Scotland to Italy, killing, burning and carrying away all they could. It was hard to make a living in the cold Viking homelands, so…

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How to Use SEO in Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Most people today know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to having a successful on-line business. What they may not know is exactly how to use it in their marketing plan. Incorporating strategically chosen keywords, with valuable content, can dramatically increase your world-wide-web presence, and ultimately, your bottom line.…

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7 reasons why digital marketing is the best method of advertisement


DIGITAL MARKETING sounds very technical, but though it sounds very technical, its way easy to implement and very effective also in today’s world. So what is DIGITAL MARKETING? In simple words, DIGITAL MARKETING is a marketing strategy which uses the same traditional business and marketing strategy, with the only difference…

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